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Writing for Wellness

Writing for Wellness is a 3-hour workshop targeted towards using writing and mindfulness to manage stress in healthy ways. 

This workshop has been completed by teachers and government workers—but I believe that any organization can benefit from the power of writing for wellness! 

Cost: $50/participant

(20 participants max.)

Researching and Writing

Writing in Professional Spaces

This 3-hour workshop is focused on helping working adults develop their writing skills. With lessons in grammar, writing, and line editing, this workshop can help your staff to write more effective reports, grant applications, social media captions, and so much more. 

Cost: $50/participant 

(20 participants max.)

Healing Through Writing

The Healing Through Writing Workshop is a 3-part workshop created through a partnership between the American Samoa Alliance Against Domestic and Sexual Violence and Mary Anne Peck: Writing & Workshops. 

This workshop provides a space for survivors and advocates to improve their wellness through mindfulness, journaling, and poetry. Check out the link below to learn more about this free workshop! 

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